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About Dropx

About Dropx

DropX is an unconventional Ad Network which combines Data Intelligence and Recommendation Systems to monetize Mobile Applications. We monetize your Android & iOS Apps by suggesting Price Saving options to Mobile Users in terms of Deals, Coupons & Price Comparison for the desired product.

When your user visits our associated Merchant's Mobile App or Mobile Website to buy a product or avail a Service, we suggest best price saving options without compromising User’s Experience. At DropX, we vouch 100% Revenue Generation to our Mobile Developers without intruding their users' journey.

Technology & Proprietary Algorithms are the core to our Monetization Solutions as we deliver the most relevant recommendations leading to User Delight.

Believe it or Not, we don't serve any sort of Display Ads. We connect with your Mobile Users during their engaging moments and provide them with Value-Add services ONLY during those touch points.

Boost your Revenue with Zero Display Ads



Our Secret Sauce of winning over our Mobile Developers is that we value them and their Users. Our State of the Art based Technological Systems deliver the most relevant recommendations for each user request, maximizing Developer’s conversion potential on each User Transaction.

Mobile Developers

Mobile Developers

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Android and iOS Apps

All Mobile App Developers having Android or iOS Apps can monetize through DropX. Our code Snippet needs to be integrated with your Mobile App to get you started!

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Why Choose DropX?

Why Choose DropX?

Delightful User experience:

Our Data intelligence Systems recommends Price comparison, Price Drops, Deals & Coupons for those Products/Service(s) which Users are interested in. No Ads, but only Value Add.

Prompt Payouts

We follow Net-30 Payment mechanism to our Mobile Developers. Payments will be made on 5 th of every month.

Real Time Analytics

Track Stats and measure your Performance through highly transparent Analytics console. Get a holistic view on key Metrics like Active devices, ARPU and many more to make Data Driven Decisions

Seal of Trust

DropX complies with all the policies laid out by Play Store and App Store; where ever we are present. After all, it is the first thing to do!

Easy Set-Up & Integration

Our Code Snippet can be easily integrated to your Mobile App(s) in few minutes. Step by step guidance in the Documentation will be provided to you.

24/7/365 Support

Get response to all your queries within No-Time. Our Qualified Support Team is here to guide and assist you for each step.

How to get started?

How to get Started?

1. Register

Set up with your Developer Account and unlock your Earning Potential.

2. Start Integration

Add few lines of Code Snippet to your Mobile App to start making money

3. Earn Revenue

Start generating revenue from
Day 1.

4. Track Performance

Get a holistic view on your Confirmed Earnings & Estimated Earning potential – all in real time.



Our Proficient and Knowledgeable Team frequently post useful Blogs which are Handy to our Developers.

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Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

Get an access to all the Answers instantly through our FAQ’s & our active forum. You can carry out discussion with other Developers and our partner managers. You’re just one step away from getting the Most out of your Hard Work.

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Contact Us

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