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Frequently Asked Questions

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DROPX is an unconventional ad-network which combines Data Intelligence & Recommendation Systems to monetize Android Mobile Apps. We suggest your Users with Price Saving options like Deals & Coupons and allow them to compare prices across our associated Merchant Mobile Websites and Mobile Apps.

Here’s the Crystal clear explanation on the working of DropX:

  • User installs Developer's Android App through Play Store.
  • User visits our associated merchant mobile app or mobile websites to buy a product or avail and service
  • A Bubble powered by DropX’s in the form of Best Prices (across Mobile Websites/Apps), Deals & Coupons (for the existing Mobile Websites) will be shown to your Users.
  • Users can choose any of these Price Saving options as per the intention of Product Purchase
  • Once user clicks on the unique link embedded in our Suggestions and makes a purchase, then Commission is being generated for you.
  • You can track and monitor Payments in your Affiliate Panel

Here’s the procedure to get started with DropX:

  • Register with DropX: Set up your Affiliate Account and unlock your Earning Potential.
  • Start Integration: Add few lines of Code Snippet with your Mobile App to monetize your Online Property
  • Earn Revenue: Start generating revenue from Day 1.
  • Check your Stats & Project Earnings: Get a holistic View on your Earning Potential and understand as to how much Traffic to generate Incremental Revenues

For each Transaction made by your User through our Suggested Feed of Deals & Coupons and Price Comparison, there’s a commission being generated in your account

Currently, we are monetizing only Mobile Apps and that too Android Apps. Soon, other channels will be added to monetize through DropX.

You can monetize as many Online Properties as you want.

Addition of more Online Properties will be equivalent to more value-add to users which in turn will generate more revenues for your hard work.

NO, we do not allow any kind of Incentivized Traffic to drive clicks & transactions for DropX feeds and recommendations.

All Partners will be terminated and pending revenues will be locked immediately if we find any partner doing the same.

Of course, you can. All you need is an Android app to monetize and increase your revenue potential.

We have traffic from all across the world & we are consistently adding countries to our list to maximize the ARPU for our Developers.

Also, we are building up our Merchant Base in other countries too to maximize your ARPU (Average Revenue per User)